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Evaluating Philanthropy’s New Role at Health Systems, featuring Sage Bolte

In this episode, Sage Bolte, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Inova Health System and President, Inova Health Foundation, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of health system philanthropy. Sage shares from her experience the challenges health systems face today, addressing generational differences in giving, how philanthropy can be a revenue-generator and how giving supports mission-critical work in the organization.

Assessing the Health Policy and Investment Landscape, featuring Adaeze Enekwechi

In this episode, Adaeze Enekwechi, Operating Partner at Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe, joins Renee at The Table. The conversation covers Adazeze’s wide array of experiences including growing up in Nigeria and seeing firsthand the role of government and the value of public service. Other topics include current issues in health policy, emerging investment opportunities, the role and function of healthcare and non-profit boards, and more.

Transforming the Nursing Workforce, featuring Mary Ann Fuchs

In this episode, Mary Ann Fuchs, vice president of patient care and Chief Nurse Executive, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss current nursing workforce challenges, restoring joy and meaning to a clinical environment, and partnering with the rest of your executive team.

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Innovating with Speed at Scale, featuring Cheryl Pegus, M.D.

In this episode, Cheryl Pegus, M.D., the EVP of Health and Wellness at Walmart, joins Renee at The Table. Dr. Pegus takes us through Walmart’s healthcare progress and future vision. Later, they discuss how scale and speed can go hand-in-hand, data as the key to move from talk to action, and how to support the next generation of leaders.

Addressing Loneliness with Compassionate Technology, featuring Cindy Jordan

In this episode, Cindy Jordan, the co-founder and CEO of Pyx Health, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of loneliness, including the breadth of the issue and how Pyx is fighting to make a change. Cindy shares from her experience about choosing insurers as initial external partners and how she navigates leading a company around a deeply emotional origin story.

Why Healthcare Should Lead on Climate Change Action, featuring Neal Hogan

In this episode, Neal Hogan, founder and chairman of Healthcare Climate ActionWorks, joins Renee at The Table. Neal shares advice for organizations looking to take the first step, the forces that can help health systems move the needle more quickly, and Neal’s belief that the climate crisis is in fact a healthcare crisis.

Creating a Movement to Improve Workplace Mental Health, featuring Daryl Tol, featuring Daryl Tol

In this episode, Daryl Tol, the EVP of One Mind at Work, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of mental health, including how to help lead psychologically safe teams and redesign supporting work practices. The conversation also covers One Mind’s efforts as a movement anchored around brain science, the power of individual storytelling, and viewing your mental health on a continuum versus a binary state.

Applying ‘Lightspeed’ Behaviors to the Pandemic & Beyond, featuring Angela Hwang

In this episode, Angela Hwang, Group President of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, joins Renee at The Table. From her experience working on the COVID-19 vaccine, Angela shares how Pfizer was able to shorten the creation timeline and global collaboration across the scientific community. The conversation also covers key principles of effective management and well-being in a stressed workforce.

Creating a Culture of Well-being, featuring Heather Farley, M.D.

In this episode, Heather Farley, the Chief Wellness Officer at ChristianaCare, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of wellness and well-being, including the importance of a true culture of safety – and why it has to be more than just improving resilience and avoiding burnout. Heather also shares her personal leadership journey to her current role as Chief Wellness Officer, concrete steps to changing culture to prioritize well-being, and her work on the 2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package.

Building Trust Among Patients and Employees, featuring Tom Lee, M.D.

In this episode, Tom Lee, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Press Ganey, sits down at The Table with Renee. Their conversation explores what’s needed to build trust in the healthcare system for both patients and employees. Tom walks us through Press Ganey’s data on factors driving employees’ likelihood to stay at a health system, and the importance of ‘gooey’ and ‘lofty’ ideals. And in the patient context, they examine the impact of simple changes in fostering confidence and improving overall experience.

Evaluating Today’s Healthcare Talent Landscape, featuring Mia Jung

In this episode, Mia Jung, a talent partner at private equity firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss two big topics within the talent world: the value of diverse governance teams and executive healthcare leadership today. The conversation also covers the power of “the nudge,” the evolving requirements for the most effective leaders in health care, and a reflection on the unprecedented rate at which we are operating in today’s hybrid office environment.

Driving Innovation in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare, featuring Dan Mendelson

In this episode, Dan Mendelson, the CEO of Morgan Health, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of improving employer-sponsored health care, including new investments and partnerships with Kaiser Permanente and Vera Whole Health, and leveraging advanced population health metrics and new accountable care models. Dan also reflects on the leadership values he has carried from job to job, giving several practical pieces of advice.

Season 2 in Review

In this year-end recap, Renee DeSilva highlights some of the key topics of The Table throughout 2021 as well as where episodes will focus in 2022. Health equity, the current challenges of health systems, and leadership characteristics were all themes this past year and Renee looks forward to discussing these topics further along with practical steps that health systems can take to make progress in these areas over the coming year. Renee wraps up this episode by sharing her personal and professional answer to the question she asks each guest — who would they invite to their personally curated table for conversation and why.

Building a Modern and Diverse Health System Board, featuring Andrew Chastain

In this episode, Andrew Chastain, President and CEO of WittKieffer, a global search firm focused on healthcare, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of diversifying and modernizing healthcare system boards, including where and how board members are found as well as implementing age and term limits. Andrew shares from his experience with helping people prepare to serve on boards, giving several practical pieces of advice. Finally, the conversation covers workforce limitations and characteristics of successful CEOs.

Reimagining the Patient Education Experience, featuring Anjali Kataria

In this episode, Anjali Kataria, CEO and Co-founder of Mytonomy, joins Renee at The Table as they discuss Anjali’s background as Entrepreneur in Residence with the FDA as well as how her work as an entrepreneur in the tech space led her to create Mytonomy. Anjali shares about Mytonomy and how it focuses on interacting with healthcare patients by providing engaging, relative, diverse, and trustworthy video instruction that relieves some of the educational burden from healthcare workers. The episode concludes with a discussion on leadership and leading during a season of fast-paced growth for an organization. 

Empowering Clinicians to Prescribe Digital Health, featuring Mike McSherry

In this episode, Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth, joins Renee at The Table as they explore the opportunity that Xealth brings for clinicians and patients. Together they explore Mike’s entrepreneurial background and what gave him the vision for a healthcare startup, funding for startups, and the effects of technology on healthcare. The conversation closes with Mike sharing a few insights into how he continues to come up with entrepreneurial ideas.

Moving from Equal Treatment to Equitable Outcomes, Featuring Sarah Krevans

In this episode Sarah Krevans, president and CEO of Sutter Heath, joins Renee at the Table. Sarah and Renee insightfully explore many pressing topics in the healthcare industry including COVID, maternal health equity, the value of integrative networks, and the future of care delivery. Sarah also shares about her family background and how that has impacted her today, specifically in the area of health equity. 

Improving Healthcare IT through Handshakes and Handoffs, featuring Aneesh Chopra

In this episode, Aneesh Chopra, president and co-founder of Care Journey, joins Renee at The Table. Aneesh shares many insights from his time as the United States’ first Chief Technology Officer and the vision for the future of healthcare from a technology perspective. Aneesh and Renee explore the topics of healthcare data sharing, the benefits of transitioning to value-based care, and the importance and practicality of working together for health equity.

Visionary Thinking, featuring Judy Faulkner

In this episode, Judy Faulkner, founder and CEO of Epic, brings her philosophy of, “you have to laugh to learn” to The Table. Judy shares from her years of leadership experience about her thoughts on the future of healthcare, future orientation for decision-making, and making a difference with the culture inside your organization.

How to Redesign Healthcare Experiences From the Inside Out, featuring Sonia Rhodes

In this episode, Sonia Rhodes, Founder and CEO of The Experience Lab, joins Renee at The Table. Sonia has worked with experience design focused on healthcare for 20 years and has  much to share about how to design memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact. Their conversation covers the hard work of heart work; designing for joy instead of dealing with burnout; the diversity, equity, and inclusion experience; and much more.

How to Solve Healthcare’s Engagement Problem, featuring Michael Serbinis

In this episode, Michael Serbinis, Founder and CEO of League, joins Renee at The Table. Sharing from his years as an entrepreneur in the tech space, Mike gives insight on engaging customers and solving big problems and how this applies to the healthcare industry. He also shares about problems and solutions for digital health, the value of mission-oriented teams, and the value of “fear as fuel.”

A People-First Culture that Cuts through the Noise, featuring Stephen Jones, M.D.

In this episode, Stephen Jones, M.D., President & CEO of Inova Health System, joins Renee at The Table. They explore how Inova being an early mover in requiring the COVID vaccine for employees brings a competitive advantage, how Stephen has implemented the ‘care first’ vision throughout the organization, and the ongoing work that Inova is doing to build a culture of well-being and safety for employees.

Delivering a Personalized & Compassionate Payment Experience, featuring Florian Otto

In this episode, Florian Otto, Co-Founder & CEO of Cedar, sits down with Renee at The Table. As a true outsider to U.S. healthcare, Florian and his company bring a fresh approach to the uniquely American challenge of paying for care. Their conversation covers price transparency, patient engagement, digital compassion, and authentic leadership.

Applying a ‘Moonshot’ Lens to Health Equity, featuring Gene Woods

In this episode, Gene Woods, President & CEO of Atrium Health, joins Renee at The Table. They explore how to invoke the same ingenuity and collaboration that landed us on the moon to closing health disparities. Later, Gene shares insights on consumer orientation from his board service with Best Buy, and Renee learns more about his not-so-secret musical talent.

How to Holistically Invest in Health Equity, featuring Erickajoy Daniels

In this episode, Erickajoy Daniels, SVP and Chief DE&I Officer, Advocate Aurora Health, joins Renee at The Table. They explore how Advocate Aurora has made an organization-wide commitment to equity-like leveraging its spending power through supplier diversity to benefit the community and engaging all team members, from providers to the executive suite.

How a Private Equity Exec Evaluates Partnerships and Leadership, featuring Brian Regan

In this episode, Brian Regan, General Partner and Head of Healthcare, WCAS, joins Renee at The Table for a conversation on two main topics. First, they cover the evolving private equity landscape in healthcare and processes for evaluating potential investments and partnerships. Later, they discuss effective leadership at scale, including the moral and business imperative of cultivating diverse talent.

What it Means to Democratize Healthcare, featuring Jaewon Ryu

In this episode, Jaewon Ryu, M.D., J.D., President & CEO, Geisinger, sits down with Renee at The Table. The conversation is centered on Dr. Ryu’s vision of making healthcare more accessible for all, and how that unifying theme has come to life in a variety of initiatives at Geisinger.

Engaging White Men in Equity Conversations, Featuring Carl Armato

In this episode, Renee is joined at The Table with Carl Armato, President & CEO, Novant Health. They discuss what it means for white male leaders to be an ally and show up on DE&I. Description: During the conversation, Carl shares the many ways he has pushed to fully embed diversity and inclusion throughout an organization.

A Bold Vision for Data Transformation in Healthcare, Featuring Terry Myerson

In this episode, Terry Myerson, CEO, Truveta, sits down at The Table with Renee. After 21 years at Microsoft, Terry joined Truveta -a new healthcare technology company co-founded by 14 Leading Health Systems with a mission to “save lives with data.”

Their conversation covers Terry’s time at Microsoft, Truveta’s potential, and balancing the transformative power of health data with principled and ethical use.

How to Invite Diverse Talent to Lead, featuring Mary Jo Cagle, M.D.

In this first episode of The Academy Table, host Renee DeSilva interviews Dr. Mary Jo Cagle, chief operating officer of Cone Health in Greensboro, NC. Together, they delve into the topics of diversity, women in the workplace, healing from discrimination, and Dr. Cagle’s future.

Season 2: Welcome to The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva

The Academy Table is a podcast that serves up real conversations and an occasional good debate on issues impacting healthcare. The Table will feature the best healthcare leaders and thinkers – many of whom you will know, and some who we will introduce you to for the first time.

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