with Renee DeSilva

Real conversations with healthcare’s best
sponsored by The Health Management Academy

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with Renee DeSilva

Real conversations with healthcare’s best sponsored by The Health Management Academy

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About Our Host

Renee DeSilva serves as CEO of The Health Management Academy, partnering with top executives from the nation’s 150 largest and most innovative healthcare companies to shape the future of the industry. Under Renee’s leadership, The Academy has launched a broad array of new research programs, strategic partnerships and leadership initiatives.  

With more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Renee is a sought-after speaker, moderator, panelist and host. Informed by The Academy’s more than 65 annual events featuring c-suite healthcare decision-makers and innovators, she has unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. She is frequently asked to speak on health system transformation catalyzed by COVID-19 and issues of race and representation in healthcare leadership.

Recent Episodes

Why Healthcare Should Lead on Climate Change Action, featuring Neal Hogan

In this episode, Neal Hogan, founder and chairman of Healthcare Climate ActionWorks, joins Renee at The Table. Neal shares advice for organizations looking to take the first step, the forces that can help health systems move the needle more quickly, and Neal’s belief that the climate crisis is in fact a healthcare crisis.

Creating a Movement to Improve Workplace Mental Health, featuring Daryl Tol, featuring Daryl Tol

In this episode, Daryl Tol, the EVP of One Mind at Work, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of mental health, including how to help lead psychologically safe teams and redesign supporting work practices. The conversation also covers One Mind’s efforts as a movement anchored around brain science, the power of individual storytelling, and viewing your mental health on a continuum versus a binary state.

Applying ‘Lightspeed’ Behaviors to the Pandemic & Beyond, featuring Angela Hwang

In this episode, Angela Hwang, Group President of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, joins Renee at The Table. From her experience working on the COVID-19 vaccine, Angela shares how Pfizer was able to shorten the creation timeline and global collaboration across the scientific community. The conversation also covers key principles of effective management and well-being in a stressed workforce.

Creating a Culture of Well-being, featuring Heather Farley, M.D.

In this episode, Heather Farley, the Chief Wellness Officer at ChristianaCare, joins Renee at The Table. They discuss many aspects of wellness and well-being, including the importance of a true culture of safety – and why it has to be more than just improving resilience and avoiding burnout. Heather also shares her personal leadership journey to her current role as Chief Wellness Officer, concrete steps to changing culture to prioritize well-being, and her work on the 2022 Healthcare Workforce Rescue Package.

About The Show

The Academy Table is a podcast that serves up real conversations and an occasional good debate on issues impacting healthcare. The Table will feature the best healthcare leaders and thinkers – many of whom you will know, and some who we will introduce you to for the first time.

Our intention is to broaden who is at the table, to amplify important voices and perspectives with the potential to move the industry forward.

Our topics will be broad, but with a focus on the future of health, disruption, transformation, and the leadership lessons that endure.

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